Tangled, Woven Web

Lit by Rob Loughran , 06/12/07

The Internet is fantastic.

Info, trivia, people, fun are all just a click away. But, for a writer, it can become a tangled, woven web that diverts our attention and steals our precious writing time. Composing a blog or responding to a particularly invidious political remark is writing but it's not writing writing. They aren't words that drive a plot forward, words that can be polished and published.

And that's what a writer does.

Here are some practical suggestions to optimize your on-line time:

BOOKMARK: Don't go surfing every time you need an ort of verisimilitude for your novel that's set in Ancient Greece. Bookmark a few solid research sites and don't waste time surfing. Bookmark and optimize.

SET A TIMER: "How stupid, mundane, and pedestrian," say you.

"Not necessarily," say I.

Derek and the Dominoes' classic CD (produced by Tom Dowd) Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs is about an hour long. Give yourself one CD's worth of time to download and answer e-mails and screw around on-line. Work your way through your CD collection day-by-day.

DON'T GO ON-LINE TODAY: Think back, this essential, indispensable, requisite and obligatory e-mail-thing, as a widespread tool, is about 15 years old. How many essential, indispensable, requisite and obligatory e-mails did Shakespeare attend to while writing King Lear?

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