Walking Right

Lit by Jane Merryman , 11/30/10

A few weeks ago, I attended a class on pen-and-ink drawing that enabled me to take a closer look at the process of writing. The instructor started out by reviewing the left brain/right brain concept. He said to get into the drawing mode you need to stimulate your creative side, your right brain. We discussed some right-brain activities, such as meditation and listening to music, as well as motor activities like dancing and walking. It was then that I understood why I get so many writing ideas and solve so many writing problems while I'm on the trail. Whether it's a two-mile morning constitutional or a ten-mile hike in the woods, my right brain wakes up, the ideas tumble out. I carry a credit-card-sized voice recorder to capture those thoughts and transcribe them when I return home. This little machine also makes life so much less frustrating for those of us who have senior moments, but that's another story.

Jane Merryman, a Capricorn born in the year of the Munich Agreement, lives in a small town near San Francisco, where the weather is perfect for year-round hiking and gardening. Because of her training and experience as a librarian, she knows a little bit about a lot of things. "I hike, therefore I am" is her mantra.

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