75 Words on Navigating an Essay

Lit by Rodney Merrill, 09/03/10

These are my words, written in a long-ago email, but I am giving Rodney credit because he returned them to me at a time I needed to remember them. Susan Bono, Ed.

I finally understood why I can't force myself to write in the same way I can make myself clean the bathroom. I can talk my way through a chore, but I must ask my way through an essay.

I got really excited by this insight, and if can I remember this distinction, I might be able to resist the urge to flog myself to the finish line of the next bit of writing I do.

Rodney Merrill lives with his wife in Astoria, Oregon. He may have more time for writing once he defends his dissertation entitled, "Who Writes and About Whom in Personal Narrative?"

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