Guiding Lights

Notes on Craft and Process

The act of writing may be a solitary one, but the tools for navigating personal essay and memoir are meant to be shared with others. May these thoughts from our community of writers and editors help illuminate your path.


On Venues
by Rebecca Lawton

The Puzzle of Books
by Caroline Arnold

Journal On
by Debra Celovsky

How to Become a Writer After Sixty: an Homage to Lorrie Moore
by Alice Lowe

Borrowed Memories, Refigured Realities, & The Call of The Wild
by Guy Biederman

How To Work With A Writing Critique Group
by Barbara Shine

Walking Right
by Jane Merryman

75 Words on Navigating an Essay
by Rodney Merrill

Jesse's Tale: A Self-Published Adventure
by Elaine Webster

Book Learning: Some Resources for Memoir Writers
by Elaine Webster

Marketing Winners and Losers
by Laura Shumaker

My Rules for Publishing
by Maureen Eppstein

How To Work With A Writing Critique Group
by Barbara Shine

What is Intermediate Fiction?
by Dan Coshnear

What I Know for Sure
by Pat Tyler

How I Cope Without a Marketing Monkey
by David S. Johnson

A Little Bio, Please
by Susan Bono

Enamored with Words
by Alegria Imperial

Tangled, Woven Web
by Rob Loughran

Selling Your Stories, Publishing Your Poems
by Arlene L. Mandell

One Word after Another
by Christine Falcone

Poets Guide the Way
by Susan Bono

Thoughts on Rejection 2006
by Susan Bono

A Thought or Two on Writing Contests
by Susan Bono