Flash in the Pan

A Quarterly Posting at Tiny Lights


by G. David Schwartz

What do beans have to do with the saying cool beans? And before you answer that what does that have to do with the price of beans? Then sing the little song about beans going to your heart. Then there are those human beings.

And what is not worth a hill of beans?

Bean is just a four letter word.

Anyway that is one reason I recommend you not name your new puppy dog Beans.

That animal, fe or male, would be wandering thorough life ridiculed and being ridiculed.

Imagine you and your spouse go out of town and leave the Beans with your mother. It is late at night and she just poured a glass of warm milk when she hears barking and clamoring from the front yard. She certainly doesn't want to disturb the neighbored so she has to schlep out quickly in order to release the dog from agony.

Imagine the remarks when all the neighbors are out there chatting about how your mother, your kind saintly mother, was outside in the front yard releasing beans.

G. David Schwartz - the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue. Currently a volunteer at Drake Hospital in Cincinnati, Schwartz continues to write. His new book, Midrash and Working Out Of The Book is now in stores or can be ordered at Amazon.

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