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Alone In The Dark

by Margot Miller

It's a small art gallery opening, not hard, not large, mostly strangers. I'm meeting a friend, but she's not here, not in the bar area, not where the food is, not in the gallery. It's crowded; one person I know doesn't say hello, so I do. We say how lovely the space is, and, sensing that she doesn't want to continue, I move on. Breathe, just breathe, - but it's hot, cold. No, it's me. I work my way around a jagged-edged sculpture. My palms itch and I look from one to the other: red blotches rising. Up the stairs to the street level and the cool night air. Someone else I almost know. "Nice to see you." "It's a lovely space." "So many talented artists." "Have a good evening." And I'm back in my car, not brave, not determined, just alone, in the dark.

Margot Miller, Ph.D.
Easton, MD and Kelowna V1Y9R7 Canada
Margot Miller's Website has links to her published material.

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