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Puppy Love

by Jack Swenson

She was tall, a honey blonde, with rosy cheeks and a big set of gazongas. She wore sweaters a lot, which was fine with me. I used to imagine dialing those knobs, tuning into my favorite radio station, listening to Let's Pretend, imagining we were on a desert island, rolling around in the surf.

I've always had a vivid imagination. Especially then, when I was a junior in high school, a sixteen-year-old virgin. She was the best-looking teacher I'd ever seen. Puppy love? Tell me about it. And I wasn't alone. Every boy in her class was crazy about her.

I shouldn't have written the story, though. That was dumb. The assignment was to write about a Christmas to treasure and remember. I wrote about a little boy who wanted a Barbie Doll for Christmas, and his parents gave him one. I described the doll in detail, and it looked just like Miss Busby, big gazongas and all.

Well, she made me stay after school and read me the riot act. She wanted to make sure she had the only copy of the story. She could get into trouble if it got into the wrong hands, she said. I lied and said I had torn up the drafts. So she relaxed and got all friendly again and even praised my writing. She said I had a good eye for detail and that it was a great asset for a writer.

I thanked her and left. Oh, before I went, I asked her if I got credit for the assignment. She laughed and said yes. I was going to ask her what grade I got, but I figured I'd better get out of there while the getting was good.

Bobby was waiting for me. "Well?" he said. I shrugged. "What did she say?"

"She didn't like the part about the boy sleeping with the doll on his pillow," I said. Bobby said he thought that was the best part, and I agreed. We both laughed.

I was walking on air all the way home, thinking about her rosy smile as she unlocked the classroom door and let me out.

Jack Swenson of Fremont is a California writer whose heart still goes pity-pat when he thinks about his high school English teacher. Ah, me! You can order his most recent book of stories from iuniverse.com or amazon.com. The title is Menage a Trois.

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