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Birthday Presents

by Karen Mcgarry

This had to do with ice skates. Oh how I wanted ice skates.

It was my birthday party and I was turning eight years old, though I can't really say it was my party since it was always shared between myself, my brother whose birthday is a day after mine (2 years apart), my cousin whose birthday is 2 days after mine (many years apart), and my Grandma and Grandpa's wedding anniversary which is one day before my day (decades apart). All four occasions lumped together for one big party of convenience. But that never bothered me, really. The parties were fun and there were presents.

Presents. Was it more difficult to pretend I liked the pink and purple crocheted vest from my auntie or to hide the embarrassment of opening yet another package of "days of the week" panties? What I did know for certain was that when that big box came my way my heart stopped. Could it be them? I unwrapped the package so fast that I forgot to notice the clever use of the Sunday Funny Pages as wrapping paper, and there on the outside of the box was the image I had hoped to see. Ice skates. Pretty and white with sparkle and stardust decorations. Ice skates. All I would need now would be a little skating skirt and my destiny could be realized. I would soon twirl, leap and soar with the best of them. I opened the box, pulled back the pink tissue paper, and in place of the pretty white ice skates sat a sewing box made of woven pink and white plastic strips - a sewing box. Full and complete with everything I would need to stitch, sew and mend. How could this be? Was this possible? To be teased with an image, an ideal sending me in one glorious direction and a gift, a reality determining me in another. My heart sank. But what could I do? I had to be good. Everyone was watching, so I said thank you and moved on struggling to convince my face of the joy contained inside that two-faced box.

Picture time. Smile pretty.

Karen McGarry is from Cincinnati, OH.
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