Flash in the Pan

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We Don't Talk About It

by Amy Zimmer

Dedicated to the memory of Elfi Chester—Taken from a prompt poem given to grade 6

I am composure, unraveling

I wonder if I am worthy of your thoughts
or merely a lazy man's distraction.

I see you shirtless, absorbing warmth off Lizard Rock,
hands tucked behind your head, solicitous,
red staining the hollow of your neck where
my nervous hand fed you summer's first strawberry.

I want to close my eyes and conjure the sweet spice of
sunlight on your skin.

I am composure, unraveling

I pretend we trek out of the frame of our ordinary lives, unnoticed.

I feel you hard against me betraying the integrity of your Gramiccis
revealing the truth you've tried to push away.

I touch you and I alight with self and possibility.

I cry when the longing to claim you breaks loose
from the stronghold of my restraint.

I am composure, unraveling

I understand that there is more to attending to the heart
than the deafening peal of desire.

I say that I can let you go, but I am afraid I will
fade with your memory.

I dream of an us that is more than staccato conversations
and pantomimed intimacies.

I hope I can find that place you touch in me on my own.

I am composure, unraveling.

Amy Zimmer is teacher and mom, a wife and a human being, trying to put her essential self forth in Sebastopol, CA.

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