Flash in the Pan

A Quarterly Posting at Tiny Lights


by Terry Law

Recently, my consuegros, or daughter's parents-in-law (is there an English word for that?), came over from Britain to visit her and their son and their and my grandchildren, aged four and six, who live on the east coast. I arrived from the west.
In the course of conversation, the elder Brits asked about meóboth had attended our wedding 46 years ago. Over dinner, the father-in-law asked my daughter why I was living alone, as if it were my daughter's choice and fault.
"There's no one being responsible for your mother!" he accused.
Up piped my six-year-old granddaughter. "Oh yes there is!" she said.
"Who?" asked the gathered rest.
"Herself!" replied my heroine.
[She was right. I've ruled only me, depended on heroines and heroes. After 71 years' abstention from power, if I ruled anyone else it'd go to my head, and I fear I'd rule rather more shakily than those now responsible for our country.
That's not to say I won't abet, strew fliers for a Presidential (in upper case) candidate. But I leave dethroning to the ballot system. God bless every chad.

Terry Law lives in Bodega Bay, CA. Her email: klaw@neteze.com.

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