Flash in the Pan

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by Ted Scott

You know how they are when they get home, a sense of relief though usually hidden, but visible if you know them well enough. You look closely, because you care, but you don't want it to show too much, not to hide the love, but to vanquish the fear; to say "We both know there's nothing to worry about, it's never gonna happen to you." And then, knowing that you know that all is well, she'll talk about something else altogether, and it's all forgotten till the next time.

But this time, something was a little different, not that there was any sign of fear, no worry, but something was a little out of the ordinary, so I asked, "Well, how'd it go?"

She broke out a smile and said, "You'll never guess what happened. The nurse brought the x-rays out after, and said she just had to show me this, and then she proceeded to show me the muscle that runs up the side, next to the breast. She said that this was the best muscle shot she had ever seen for a 70 year old woman. She said she was going to include it with the samples that she had to send in for the radiology department's annual certification. I guess that hard work at the Y has finally paid off."

I hugged her, and felt the muscle, and we went upstairs to play. Maybe I'll work out a little more myself.

Ted Scott is 76, and retired from teaching physics. He lives in Greenfield Massachusetts with his wife and with all of his descendants within easy walking distance. He's at ted_scott99@yahoo.com.

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