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Book Slut Intervention

by Trista Wilson

Yo, Deepak, what's your latest greatest thought for me? Cheryl Strayed, do you still think about that trek on the Pacific Crest trail? Gabrielle Hamilton, what's cooking in the kitchen tonight, sister?

I love these authors, but not one of them has answered my marriage proposals. What's up with that? I call, I write, I tweet. Do you think it's freaking them out? Maybe it's because I'm not faithful and keep finding new book loves. What can I say; I'm a book slut. And I keep buying new bookshelves to fit all of my true loves. I recently asked my family to move out to make more space.

I truly can't resist a good book. I know you may be thinking, "So have you ever heard of a library?" I've tried! I have. But the library feels kind of like an escort service to me. I don't want to have to return my date when it's over. I like to keep my conquests around.

And now you are thinking (quite loudly and somewhat rudely, I may add), "How about an eReader?" Okay, I've tried that, too. But it's like sleeping with a blow-up doll. You may get your needs met, but there won't be any genuine, lasting bond. Don't kid yourself, there just won't.

Books are a sensory experience for me. I like to gaze at the cover and smell the pages and run my finger over the binding. Yes I know…BOOK SLUT! No need to judge me. We all have our stuff.

So what is this anyway? An intervention? You want me to curb my slutty ways? Commit to my true favorites and break up with the rest? You're right. I know you are. Thank you for being brave enough to confront me.

I really am going to change. Truly I am. But I have to start tomorrow because I think I hear Barnes and Noble calling. I'm late for my date with the latest Lemony Snicket.

Trista Wilson is thankful to have her book loves to keep her warm on the long, cold, dark winter nights of Rochester, NY. Aside from her overflowing bookshelves, she has made room for her understanding husband, two sons, two dogs, a Russian Tortise and a Bearded Dragon Lizard named Scribble.

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