Flash in the Pan

A Quarterly Posting at Tiny Lights


by Rebecca Gaffron

Red Lipstick. Fire engine red. Not the color usually associated with grandmothers. Grumbly silence before her first smoke and cup of coffee. Then the curlers came out, along with her wit and apricot jelly on toast. Time for lipstick. Puckered outline on the napkin. On my cheek. Pall Malls smell like home. So do Bit O'Honeys and lebekuchen. Nights of droning talk radio and the feel of her, warm and safe. Chantilly and lavender in my nostrils. Wondrous driving adventures. And stories. That sexy laugh. Sweet brown eyes that saw deep. Gardens and quilts. Little children loved her. I loved her. Love her. Miss her. Red lipstick. Fire engine red. Not my color. But I put it on from time to time and pretend.

Rebecca Gaffron is fascinated by sea-green spaces, words, and men who behave like cats. She lives in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania but can be found at her virtual home:

Twenty-eighth Flash

Bobolink! by Maggie Manning
Why I Donít Have A Bucket List by Tanya Grove
Ode To Basil by Alice Lowe
A Company Merger Is Like A Death by Kay Butzin
There's A Spaceship In The Backyard, Mommy by Debbie Jones-norberto
Flannel Clad Corpse by Jay Halstead
Book Slut Intervention by Trista Wilson
Morning Routine Of A Suburban, Thirty-something Male by Eric Wilder
Blockade by Ariel Whitworth
I Remember by Mary Purdy
Saying Goodbye by Ed Martin
Wilderness by S.c. Kleinhans
The Bell by Gaye Buzzo Dunn
Mama Rescued Me From Lake George by Mimi Peel Roughton
5 A.m. Revival by Paige Kaye

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