Flash in the Pan

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First Encounter

by Kathleen Lynch

I never thought I would be able wait that long. There were few virtues that were bestowed upon me to begin with, and patience was definitely not one of them. But I waited, and time crawled by on its belly across the platitudes of my mind. I waited. The clocked ticked and tocked, repeatedly drumming like a relentless faucet into the not quite stainless steel sink of my life.

The years quickly relented, and it seemed like I was destined to be alone, and a quiet cloud of resolve blanketed me. Years of wearing of this hollow, empty halo carved time upon my cheeks, and drained the shine from my eyes. Until the day I found out about you. That was the day the tide rushed through me, and drowned my heart with the promise of love and possibility.

I still had to wait. I had not met you yet, but this instinctual orgasm overwhelmingly took control of me body and soul. I knew it was a match. I knew we were to be forever connected and that no circumstance conjured up in the minds of the mocking gods would separate us. The waiting was painful.

I kept imagining what you would look like when I finally saw you. That suspended moment when I first would gaze into your eyes, and run my hands across your face. I knew I would spend hours staring through you, and that although we were two people, we would become on a transverse level, one soul. This intersecting of ‘being' astounded me and I waited.

The day was slowly approaching when were to finally meet. It was excruciating. It was blinding anticipation and the only thing that made such a journey even possible, was the knowledge that I was finally going to meet you at the end of it. I endured living fifteen million Christmas mornings at seven years old all at once. I found myself weak-kneed and sweating, twitching, trying to reach down deep, just to gain the voice to utter a sound. Then you appeared, and when I finally locked you in my gaze, after that eternity of time that passed without you, when you were there—tangible—when I was able to see your eyes, I swallowed you with a smile that would melt a iceberg. Ha! You are the Titanic of my soul!!

"It's a boy"! the doctor cried out as he passed to me my son.

Kathleen Lynch

Farmington, Maine

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