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The Balloon

by Lynn Sunday

My son Brad was two the sunny April day I took him to Central Park in New York City. While we were there, after he rode the carousel, and climbed on the monkey bars, I bought him a big red balloon on a string. He was delighted and reached out for it, a huge grin on his face. But the day was windy, so I tied the string to Brad's stroller instead. "So it won't blow away," I explained. And my independent boy didn't like that.

"No, I want to hold it myself!" he insisted over and over in that persistent tone kids take, in their high little voices, designed by nature to wear parents down until they give in.

"Ok," I said, reasonably, and untied the string from the stroller, and tied it to his wrist. "Now you can hold it, and feel the wind pulling it, but it can't blow away." But Brad didn't like that either, and picked irritably at the string with his small fingers trying to loosen it as we walked along. He soon stopped in frustration and gazed up at me plaintively.

"I want to hold it myself Mommy!" he said, "I want to hold it myself!"

I stood a moment looking down at my boy. Finally, feeling like a foreteller of the future, I untied the string again and gave it to him, winding it twice around his palm, closing his fingers around it. "Hold on tight." I said, and Brad smiled with pleasure. His small hand clutched the string, with the red balloon bobbing around in the air above him for a good five minutes, until a couple of squirrels skittered right across his path and on up a tree. Distracted, Brad's grip loosened, and the wind pulled his treasure from his grasp.

I remember forever his long, drawn out, wail of woe, as he watched his balloon soar upward, upward, upward, and out of sight.

Lynn Sunday lives and writes in Half Moon Bay California and shares her life with a husband and dog. Her essays have appeared in Chicken Soup for The Soul: Think Positive, Passing it on 2011: Lay Practioners Share Dharma Wisdom, and Common Ground Magazine.

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