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To Thee I Bequeath

by Charlene Bunas

For my knitting buddy, Betty:

After my last correspondence with you I couraged up enough personal fortitude to do what you'd support me in choosing to do: I faced my yarn.

Deep in the bowels of the rafter closet behind my side of the bed were bags--large plastic bags--from Beverly's Crafts, Joanne's Fabrics and other miscellaneous hobby stores of patterns, would-be presents, unfinished projects, yarn, needles and crotchet hooks. All represented enthusiasm, naivete, impatience and, and my overall incompetence.

Let's face it, in life I bite off more than I can digest. How could I ever think I could knit a sweater to a wearable conclusion when my hours have so many competitors?

I couldn't. I shouldn't.

It's expensive, this lack of reality.

Some folks paint in retirement years. Others quilt. Some take up French cooking while others decide photography is the way to go. I had a friend who bought and mastered the piano.

Me? I want to do it ALL! No wonder everything I attempt is mediocre at its finest, unfinished at its worst.

Now, as far as my knitting is concerned:

The wearer of any garment I attempt must stand with one shoulder hunched forward and the other pushed south so that no one will notice the left sleeve is two inches shorter than the right.

So Betty, you and your talented knitting buddies get my best wishes - and my second best yarn.

I'm saving the premium supplies for "someday."

Charlene Bunas is still biting, chewing, writing and knitting in Sonoma County, CA.

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