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We Got It Made

by Pat Pomerleau Chávez

I was telling her about this TV show I had seen last night featuring a knock-out looking detective who has a low pitched sexy voice and I said, WELL: it turned out -- of all things -- she was set up by a co-worker with a nice, handsome guy who was extremely uninteresting and then in the middle of it all, she was called to investigate a murder of a lesbian outside a lesbian bar and when that murdered woman's legal marriage partner (this all happened in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) was notified, she was extremely distraught, of course, and then we discover, when the dead woman's computer is hacked into (how careless of her, but then she had not planned on being murdered...) she had been playing around outside her marriage and was murdered by the owner/bartender of the lesbian bar who was in collusion with and involved with the partner who wanted to get the money that had been willed to her and so I said, SEE: it is all just like the way normal people behave and now it's been played out right on a popular detective story on TV and it's all clear that /*everyone is everyone else after all */and so we have it made!

And she said: what about the attractive detective?

Pat Pomerleau Chavez lives in Santa Rosa, California, where she is old and carries on.

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