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Care Packages

by Betty Winslow

How long will it be before I forget
what your favorite cookies were?
I don't know what you eat in heaven
but it's probably not meringues,
crispy-crusted, chewy-centered,
lightly toasted on top
like a summer sunburn,
and crumbling at a touch;
I'm sure you don't long
for packages from home
filled with meringues, red licorice,
rice krispy treats made by childish hands,
and peppermints from meals at Pizza Hut,
squirreled away by your dad to put in the box
alongside the letters and drawings
and heapings of family love.

Now, you have everything you need
or ever wanted,
and we're left holding the box
with all the love,
with no one left to send it to.

Author Betty Winslow, who lives in Bowling Green, Ohio, wrote this poem for Down the Cereal Aisle: a basket of recipes and remembrances (edited by Alice J. Wisler), in memory of her daughter, Lisa, who died in 1993 and always loved to get care packages from home.

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