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Nobody's Bicycle

by Joan Zerrien

I'm taking a good hard look at romantic love these days, and it's pretty scary to discover the extent to which I have been conditioned by blind assumptions, hormone-driven angst, a thumping good backbeat, and utterly irreconcilable dictums.

Love, as I learned it, is not only blind, it's downright crazy-making.

Try wrapping your mind around this:

As a child I sang along lustily with Frankie Vaughn on the radio: "You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You." Coming of age in Berkeley, I stumbled smack into the Politically Correct message: "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." How, I wonder now, did my unconscious mind reconcile these and so many other contradictions into a belief system? I shudder to imagine.

Do I secretly believe if I ride a bike a fish will love me and save me from Nobody-ness?

Do I believe Somebody will love me if I ride a bike and avoid fish altogether?

Could I possibly love a fish, be a Somebody, AND ride a bike, thus having it all? Nobody might complain, but who cares?

Suddenly…it almost seems within my grasp. I'd best go pump up my tires.

Joan Zerrien lives and writes in the San Jacinto Mountains, a challenging environment as regards romantic love, fish and bicycles.

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