Flash in the Pan

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Striking Out

by Glenn Mccrea

Rupert thinks I'm crazy. Why would a girl be interested in learning to box? Well, he don't know everything. Just cuz he's 24 and has a job driving a forklift don't make him no expert. I don't care what he says, I'm going to sign up for that class at the community center.

Ever since Ma and Pa died four years ago in a car crash he's been bossing me around. The first few years were OK, I guess. I mean, I was just a little kid and needed him. But I'm 12 now and I'm tired of him being my lord and master.

Yesterday he told me about his plans to move us to L.A. so he and Bianca-with-the-tight-pants can move in together. So where does that leave me ? "You'll just have to learn to adapt, Eloise," he tells me. "Just be thankful Bianca can put up with you."

Something boils up inside me when he says that. That's all I need, another person bossing me around. And I don't know nobody in L.A. What about my friends, my life? Let his face learn to adapt to my fist, is what I say.

I found this itty bitty garter snake down by the river a few days ago. When I bent down to look at her (I like to think it was a her), she got all wound up and started striking at me over and over. I wasn't anywhere near enough for her to get me.

It made me laugh, her being so small and so fearless. If I wanted to hurt her, there's nothing she could do about it. But I kinda felt sorry for her too. So I put my hand down and let her strike my knuckle a few times.

I could hardly feel a thing as she bit me over and over with those tiny teeth. But you know, when I left that little snake I was smiling. I think I helped her feel better about herself.

Glenn McCrea, Santa Rosa , CA

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