Flash in the Pan

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Storm Clouds

by Maggie Manning

My mother has one toe in the grave, but she's not ready to step off that cliff just yet.
The storm clouds gather as her 81st birthday approaches; the voice of death calls more insistently.

Still, she sits outside on a warm spring evening, licking her blackberry cone and listening to the soft whir of faraway insects.

Maggie Manning, a college professor and wanna-be writer, hopes she will approach the end of her life with as much equanimity as her mother does.

Eighteenth Flash

What The Living Do (inspired By Marie Howe’s Poem) by Jane Holly Love
When Frogs Sing by Laura Blatt
Picnic - 1969 by Tom Mcgee
Pididdle by Carol J. Howard
Abilene by Mary Ann Mcguire Mccomber
Sweet Illusion by Lenore Hirsch
Child Walking: Mother’s Day Tribute, 2009 by Mary Gaffney
Marriage One by Janet Jennings
Power Surges by Elaine Webster
Plug Shooter by John Macdonald
Niagara Falls (for Jon) by Tania Pryputniewicz
Bug Dance by Stacey Dennick
Summer’s Passion by Joan Zerrien

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