Flash in the Pan

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Ice Cave

by Elaine Webster

I felt complete standing there. The stream trickled under my feet creating a slippery slope. The sun poured through the ice so that the walls were blue and brilliant. The air felt cold and warm at the same time. I was born in this cave, not of a mother, but of icy energy.

God held out his hand that day high in the Cascade Mountains and I grasped it, afraid to let go. Here was my friend, my protection. The blue light was my guide, the slippery slope my life. If I held on tight, I wouldn't fall.

Today, as I meditate, in my mind's eye, I'm back in that cave. The air moves up and down my spine and the sound of OM is in my ears. The stillness of the early morning air envelopes me. I'm waiting and listening for guidance. There is somewhere else to go, where is it? Tell me, tell me, please.

I can't stop writing; it's become an obsession with me. There's something that must be put on paper. What I write seems to make sense, and then at the same time, no sense at all. I tell my story. I make up stories. I write to friends. I write to people I barely know, who must think I'm nuts. I have pads of paper everywhere. Pencils, pens, and computer screens record my thoughts, my life. I find people from my past on the internet. I write to them. I take writing classes and join a writing group. They're required to listen to my writings. A captive audience is bliss.

I write magazine articles and book reviews, product descriptions and website blogs. I feel like NASA sending out signals to outer space. What are the odds that someone is listening?

Elaine Webster, is a staff writer for the on-line publication, Greener Living Today www.greenerlivingtoday.com. She's part of the Memoir Writing group in Sebastopol sponsored by SRJC and Steve Boga is the instructor. She lives in Windsor, CA and her e-mail address is Elaine@mediadesign-mds.com.

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