Flash in the Pan

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Showering - 1969 Vietnam Flashback

by Tom Mcgee

The monsoon downpour pinged for days on the tin roof of my plywood dwelling. The smell of kerosene-mopped floors coming from the opening permeated my being. The pallet sidewalk provided footing from the splashing mud. Armed with a bar of soap, I stood on the walkway just beyond the sandbagged abode and showered under the rain river-flowing from the canvassed porch overhead. My lathered, cold, naked body shivered in the torrential rain, ears perked for the distant sounds of incoming rockets and mortar rounds while thinking of home.

Tom McGee lives with his wife Maureen in Springfield, Illinois. Their son, Sean lives in Iowa. Tom retired from the Marines in 1990. From July 1968 through August 1969 he served in the 11th Engineer Battalion at Dong Ha, Vietnam.

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