Flash in the Pan

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Memory Slip

by Elizabeth Kern

Your memory slips. Filmy phantoms of your former thought fly away into the Petaluma air, and you wonder where they go? To a graveyard, where assorted bits of discarded data gather and decompose? To a more deserving head? To Starbucks, where they attach themselves to the caffeine breath of some other perky red-faced woman? To a netherworld where memory is no longer important because all that matters is the here and now?

I don't know, so I'll quit jabbering. I feel like I'm trapped in one of those unfocused, unproductive freewrites, where the quick tapping of my computer keys outruns the few brain cells that remain in my head. Is that what diaper changing does to me?

Elizabeth Kern is a Petaluma writer and grandmother who mothers her family as well as the characters in her novel.

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