Flash in the Pan

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This Was What I Wanted

by Maria Fregoso

Early rays of sunlight spilled silently through the high window and onto the bed like a spotlight. It was Sunday morning and the only sounds came from a chorus of birds welcoming the day from the trees just below the window and the rhythmic click-click, click-click, of the oven clock in his studio apartment. Beside me, he stirred and turned to face me with a goofy smile and a groggy "good morning". I responded by pulling the sheet over our heads to shade us from the sunlight and by leaning over to press my lips lightly to his, as his arms drew me into an embrace. The overnight stubble on his chin scratched lightly against my face as we lay silently, our bodies entwined; each of us lost in our own thoughts.

Soon, the sounds of birdsong were replaced with sounds of traffic from the street below the tree, beyond the window. The rays of sunlight moved stealthily to spotlight the twisted garments hastily removed and carelessly tossed on the floor the night before. The morning grew warmer so I pulled the sheets away and rested my head on his chest as he mindlessly stroked my hair. It occurred to me that we appeared content, possibly happy, maybe even like a couple in love.

We were comfortable with each other, friends for 14 years. Recently he had surprised me by asking me to be his girlfriend. Amazed and happy, I had agreed.Things were going well between us and being with him like this was what I wanted, what I had longed for almost from the day I met him . . .

So I couldn't understand, why was I lying in his arms this Sunday morning, wondering how soon I could get up and leave without making it obvious that more than anything, I wanted to be home in my own bed, alone?

Maria Fregoso is proud mom to two adults. She observes life and writes to understand it while also capturing it in photographs. Between jobs that pay the bills she travels, takes pictures and writes.

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