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Conversation With A Slut

by Stacy Muszynski

Last night I was talking to this slut who likes to read. She's a real slut. And she really likes to read. I asked her, "Hey, slut, do you think about words and books and characters and stuff while you're out there slutting and stuff?" and she said, "Hell no." I said, "Why not? Don't they all get mixed up in the same stinky bag?" and she said, "You need a life."

This is true.

I took another swallow and said, "Did you ever have trouble with getting the worlds, the two worlds, mixed up? Do they ever, you know, enter each other?" and she said, "Lookit. There's only one thing you gotta know about being a slut: never let em see you think."

I gave it one last college try. "Hey, um, so, do you care what people say about you?"

She cocked her head, closed her right eye, and zeroed in on me with that telescoping blue-shadowed left, and said: "Sister. Sluts are magical people who can take you magical places. It's fear and sneer that keeps the rest of 'em talking. They give me my name and keep it in business. We're all in it together."

How do you argue with that logic?

I pushed through my squirmy feeling. "Aren't you tired of acting dumb?" I asked. "Don't you fear for your life sometimes? Don't you hate that by acting dumb you ruin it for those non-sluts who don't? Act dumb, I mean." I really couldn't believe I was being so honest. Musta been the bourbon.

"Sweetheart," she said, "Sweetheart. I don't act dumb. I just don't let them see the wheels churn and the smoke pour out. Besides, we all do it. Some version of it. We just don't know. Now hand me my book. You're boring me."

Stacy Muszynski lives in San Marcos, Texas.

She says, "Look at what you ignore or despise—you could be inextricably linked to it." She also says, "Plenty of my writing—-travel, movie, food reviews--has disappeared into the ether(net)…. But try these:Michael Kimball Writes Your Story (on a postcard), www.frontporchjournal.com and www.austinchronicle.com,where you can link to "Ana's Opening."

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