Flash in the Pan

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You And I

by Kate Jones

I worshipped you. I was ecstatic when you asked me to marry you, and you, in return, forgot the next day that you had asked me. I moved in with you, thus alienating my parents, and you, in return, packed in your job and went traveling. I made your favorite homecoming meals, and you, in return, gave me your dirty laundry. I was over the moon when I accidentally fell pregnant, and you, in return, paid for a private abortion. I tried to hug you, and you, in return, groped me. I couldn't wait to tell you about my new job, and you, in return, told me we were moving to Spain. I told you we were expecting twins, and you, in return, said "Fuck, now we will have to get a bigger house"

I cried out for you in the hospital, and you, in return, said you couldn't get away from work. I begged you for help with the babies, and you, in return, paid for a nanny. I forgave your 2 year coke habit, and you, in return, said I was to blame. I tried to accommodate your preoccupation with sex, and you, in return, said I was crap in bed. I tried to explain my feelings, and you, in return, told me I was ungrateful. I told you I was leaving, and you, in return, sent me to a psychologist. I organized marriage guidance, and you, in return, walked out of every session. I arranged for my friend to help you with cleaning and cooking when I left, and you, in return, made her your girlfriend.

Kate Jones (in Flash style):Happily, divorced mother of twin girls. Born and bred in Newcastle Upon Tyne-UK, but currently living far too close to her ex-husband in North East Spain.Teach "English for Fun" to groups of Spanish children-Love it!

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