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Feel Like Fay Wray

by Jonah Raskin

As a boy, sad to say, I never saw King Kong, though every other neighborhood boy would boast of the beast on the screen that I could only conjure in my imagination. Then, in Manhattan, in college, I saw the picture, and understood at once what I had missed - the beast and the beauty. I fell in love instantly with her - Fay Wray - and wanted to hold her in the palm of my hand the way Kong held her in his.

So, surprised I was not when just the other night I had a dream in which I was the blonde beauty Fay Wray, and King Kong, the beast, lay in bed with me,his big, hairy arms wrapped around me, and would not let me go.

Every time I moved, he held me tighter in his embrace. I knew he loved me and never would let me go. We were married forever. I was his beauty. He was my beast, and adored me too much for his own good, and for mine, as well. A prisoner I was of his adoration, and he a prisoner of my beauty.

So, it seems that beast and beauty are always prisoners of one another. To be that beautiful and totally adored, I could not surrender, not even for my own freedom. And I lay in bed with Kong, all day and all night, his arms eternally encircling me.

Jonah Raskin lives and writes in Sonoma County. His latest book is The Radical Jack London.

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