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A Similar Fate

by Melanie Surani

"You remember the bird we buried last week?" Daddy looked down at me on the deck steps.

I remembered the bird. I found it in the front yard at home. Momma told me not to touch it because it might have a disease, so we buried it in the garden.

"Well, kiddo, we have to do that with your Grampa now."

I looked at my Daddy until I felt myself smiling; I knew I shouldn't do that. I always smiled when I was supposed to be serious.

"It's okay to be sad," he said, patting me on the knee. "It's okay to cry if you want to."

"Will you cry?"

"I might. Your mother will."

"Because Grampa was her Daddy."


I wanted to look at him again, but didn't. A huge smile crept along my mouth and I couldn't stop it. I thought a kid on TV would probably ask this question, so I figured I had better ask too. "Will you die?"

"Someday. Everybody dies."

Even me. I touched my face to feel my cheekbone and the hollow below it, rubbing my finger down to my jawbone so that my skin moved along with it. There was a skeleton under there. A dry, bony skeleton.

Melanie Surani currently lives in Philadelphia, PA. Find her: nijusjaanu.blogspot.com

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