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My Head Has A Zipper

by Greta B. Ward

My head has a zipper. Sometimes when I am just mowing the lawn, taking a shower, or paying my bills, my zipper gets opened. Yes, the God of All Creation reaches down and gently un-zips my head. Then, He drops into my brain a lovely song lyric, poem, or bit of prose. Before closing the zipper,He adds a drop of urgency, so that I will write it down before I forget it.

These little gifts have come to me this way for years and I make sure they are used for God's glory. Whenever I go back and read poems or songs I have written, I can usually tell which ones came in through the zipper and which ones originated in my head. At times my own brain comes up with entertaining poetry or prose, but the zipper gifts are always better.

On occasion, the zipper lets in just the seed of an idea. Then my own

creativity, also a marvelous gift from God, helps that seed to grow into a wall of morning glories. It's rather like being given a bag of puzzle pieces. Maybe I don't have enough pieces to make the whole puzzle, but just enough to let me know what the picture is. Then I have to dash around my brain to find the pieces to fill in the blank spots. I find fulfillment as a word detective.

The Hercule Poirot in me thrills to the challenge of writing poetry "on demand". Once a friend asked me to write a poem for a retirement party. She provided information about the retiree and his fellow choir members. I came up with a poem that "roasted" all the singers. They joined in a chorus of laughter. Just give me a seedling and I'll have a tree in no time.

Tending my small section of the immense garden of penmanship makes my heart sing. I am thankful to God for my zipper, my creativity and the sheer joy of being able to play with the written word.

Greta B. Ward, Callao, VA

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