Tiny Light's Annual Essay Contest

Contest Results from 2012

This year, one of my judges was Suzanne Byerley, a mentor who encouraged and mothered me in so many ways when I was just starting out with Tiny Lights. She’s so smart and insightful that you can take her words about this year’s contest entries as gospel: “The judging was a pleasure and they all deserve a hug, no matter who wins top honors. Writing, as we know, is tough, and writing well--a bit of a miracle.”

There were plenty of miracles this year, all of them the product of hard work and dedication. Thanks to all for your contributions. If you don’t see your name among the winners, check the list of Entries of Note. Not there this year? Don’t give up. Listen to the voices urging you to keep writing. Don’t take “no” for an answer for anything so truly important.

Awarded Winners

First Prize of $350

Philadelphia Zoo (Field Notes) by Eleanor Stanford

Second Prize of $250

Afraid of the Dark by Kathryn Wilder

Third Prize of $150

Camille’s Kid, The Circus Girl by Richard Jay Goldstein

Honorable Mentions

In alphabetical order

Contestants received $

"Open Wide" by Traci Moore
“The Glass Wall” by Jeffrey L. Schneider

“In the Dead of Night” by Margaret Rose
“St. Jude and the Telltale Heart” by Barbara Shine
“Footsteps” by Gillian P. Herbert


In no particular order

In no particular order

"Elegy in December" by Alison Townsend
“Defining Experience” by Gregory Gerard
“Chesapeake Memories” by Barbarann Ayars
“High Flies & Full Chords” by Richard Kenney
“Wildlife, Erotic Nights & Real Life” by Ange Crawford

“Sunset in the Bear Paws” by Gail Larrick
“An Embarrassment” by Julie Payne Britton

Entries of Note

And Comments from Susan

For those of you whose hearts are feeling the squeeze of disappointment, here’s what another of my seasoned judges, Rebecca Lawton, had to say: “Susan, I liked them all. This is by far the best batch I’ve read in my years of judging.” This is simply another way of saying that your excellent work had lots of competition. Thanks again to all who made our judging so difficult! Your time in the winner’s circle will come if you stay in the race! Keep it up!

ENTRIES OF NOTE (in no particular order)

“Quest for Baby” by Sherry Sellars; “Five Finger Discount” by Tom Bentley; “Recycling” by Jim Metzger; “The Hunt” by Sarah Willette; “The Runners” by Suni Feura; “Motorcycle Black Madonna” by Risa Nye; “Still Life with Landscape” by Robert Kostuck; “A Tavola” by Joyce Taylor; “Of Dykes, Prizes, and Prophesy” by Pat Pomerleau Chavez; “My Mother’s Brow” by Leslie Absher; “A Path Without Heart” by Lillian Mabry; “My Daughter’s Sister” by Tina Lincer; “Thanksgiving” by Carol Hoorn; “See Naples and. . . “ by Lucille Bellucci

"Bird Dog" by Terri Shtrum Stoor; “Ghost” by Sheila Robertson; “Pickled Heart” by Mary Oak; “Slurping Bun Bun” by Jean Wong; “The Thing about Autism” by Kyra Anderson; “Hidden Talent” by Nancy Davis Kho; “Mockingbird Song Long Before Dawn” by Laurel Aiona; “Lunch With Kitty” by Susan Mayall; “Ruby Fusion” by Alice Lowe; “Is That a Bee in Your Pocket?” by Kathryn Cureton; “Misreading a Line in a Poem” by Anthony DiGregorio; “Flashback” by Gary Anderson; “Grouse Therapy” by Chuck Becker; “The Rescue” by Leann Spencer; “Memory Savers” by Trudy Martin; “Retaliation” by Phylis Warady; “Man Missing” by Marcelle Soviero; “Horse Sense” by Linden Berry

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