Tiny Light's Annual Essay Contest

Contest Results from 2010

Writing contests are not for the faint of heart, even for judges. I am still feeling the ache of having to refuse some of the excellent essays that bumped and nudged around me as we decided on this year's finalists. During the final selection process, there were more tie votes than in any previous year. This meant I was forced into the role of tie-breaker in what often felt less like an assessment of quality than a maelstrom of nit-picking. Our judges, Ken Rodgers, Dan Coshnear, Colin Berry, Lakin Khan, and Jamie Moore, all experienced writers and editors, all praised the excellent quality of the submissions, and expressed regret at having to make exclusions.

But in order to say "Yes" to these writers, others will have to hear "No" this time. We hope any "No" you may hear today reminds you that for those who stay strong, a "Yes!" is on its way.

Please take a moment and look at the Essays of Merit. Your name may be among those turn is coming.

Awarded Winners

First Prize of $350

Just Fifteen Minutes by Sandy McPheron

Second Prize of $250

Cutting the Cord by C. Lill Ahrens

Third Prize of $150

The Other Walk by Richard Jay Goldstein

Honorable Mentions

In alphabetical order

Contestants received $

"Summer Swim" by David W. Berner
"Married by a Monk" by Suzanne Farrell


"Ghost Dust" by Pat Pomerleau-Chavez
"Pressed Pants, Grosgrain Ribbon" by Donna Emerson
"The Watch" by Ron Orem


In no particular order

Flashpoint Finalists: "No Adults are Home" by Erin Green; "Scopitone" by Melody Gough; "The Gift" by Ana Chavarria Shore

Standard Length Finalists: "Rapids Recovery" by B.J. Yudelson; "Blue Ticket" by Shae Abbett Irving; "Midsummer Milkweeds" by Alison Townsend; "Stirrups" by Leslie Tucker; "Swimming" by Molly Knox

Entries of Note

And Comments from Susan

Thanks to all who honored us with their words. It is our hope that this list of notable essays will inspire and encourage every writer to keep writing and sending out their work.

"Bannock Street" by Ariel Smart; "The Chili Sauce Gift" by Sandy Carrubba; "A Question of Risk" by Sheila Cotton Robertson; "Artists" by Susan Starbird; "Linda's Litany" by Irene Edwards; "Gone in 60 Seconds" by Charlie Long; "Christmas Cactus" by Amy Whitcomb; "Sold! On a Small Town Saturday Night" by Ellaraine Lockie; "Of Birds and Bees and Spiders, Too" by Joyce Deming; "Cheers" by Barbara Toboni; "Coal Hollow Ekphrasis" by Floyd Cheung; "Someone Who Looks Like Me" by Michael E. Reid; "The Basement" by Jan Henrikson; "Meditation" by Tomoko Harada Ferguson; "The Taxi Ride" by Margaret Mary Monahan; "The Last Word" by Colleen Craig; "Teddy's Story" by Shiv Dutta; "Visit to David" by Lucille Lang Day; "Ghost Wings" by Catherine Crawford; "The Writing on the Wall" by Sarah Savsky; "Dementia, Word, This" by Lynne Casteel Harper; "Better than 10,000 Ducks" by Jean Wong

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