Tiny Light's Annual Essay Contest

Contest Results from 2009

Here are the results at last. While we are proud to present these worthy winners and finalists, we also salute the many writers whose words fairly leaped off the page to meet us in that place where all true literature lives--in the heart.

Thanks to all who entered this year's competition.

Awarded Winners

First Prize of $350

I Was on Pretty Good Terms With the Virgin Mary by Kathleen McCormick

Second Prize of $250

On Sloth by Jennifer Ann Janisch

Third Prize of $150

Memories of Berries by Cynthia Patton

Honorable Mentions

In alphabetical order

Contestants received $100

"Music Moments" by Sindee Ernst
"Moving Diane" by Andy Gloege


"Fishing" by B. Morrison
"Dog Story" by Susan Phillips
"Seeing the Trees" by Deborah Thompson


In no particular order


"Meeting Death" by Patricia Harrelson
"Advice Against Getting a Cat" by Melissa Jennison
"Of Cougars and Consciousness" by Inez Castor
"To Hold Infinity" by Cecilie Scott
"The Cribbage Master" by L.J. Reed


"Two Quarters" by Kelly Jagger
"Timing" by Patricia Pomerleau Chavez

Entries of Note

And Comments from Susan

We wish we were a bigger magazine and published more often so that these essays would have a home here. The names appear in no particular order. Please report typos. I was working from a hand-written list!

"Pete, Me, and Mystery" by Gregory Gerard; "Making Bread" by Jamaica Richter; "The Party Room" by Lynn Costeel Harper;"Arlene" by Robert Yin, M.D.; "Best Served Cold" by Barbara Shine; "Khambich Pham" by Luke Anderson; "Mephitic" by Barbara Zaragosa; "The Pens" by Barbara Toboni; "Make Me a Match" by Jennie Orvino; "War Revisited" by Shanti Bannwart; "Streaming in a Field" by F.J. La Courciere; "Cheating Faith" by Cathy Doheny; "Small Mercies" by Lenore Pimental; "Sorting" by Charles Markee; "Breathe" by Jennifer Sorenson; "Empty Cup" by Elaine Greensmith Jordan; "Lifeguard" by Tania Pryputniewicz; "Hunger" by Jane Love;"Lucky" by Paula Sergi; "Year of the Rat" by Joan Zerrien; "Saint Chastity" by Robert Kostuck; "Keeping My Father's Secret" by Leslie Absher; "Running the Table" by Ron Harding; "Joe" by Maria Trombetta; "Stones" by Mary Jo McConahay; "Walking Behind" by B.J. Yudelson; "An Anniversary" by Emily Goenner; "Miscarriage: A Public Grief" by Ellen Swain Veen; "looking for Jesus" by Jasmine Belenger; "Native Rites" by Jeremiah Krigbaum; "The Tomboy" by Jean Wong

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