Tiny Light's Annual Essay Contest

Contest Results from 2006

Awarded Winners

First Prize of $400

It's Not How It Looks, It's How It Feels by Leslie Patterson

Second Prize of $250

Present Imperfect by Greta Marie Skau

Third Prize of $150

The Lizard by Hannah Fisher

Honorable Mentions

In alphabetical order

Contestants received $100

Walk Like a Millionaire by Lillian Schaie Mattimore, Pennies in Heaven by Amy Miller


In no particular order

Confessions of a Swanherd by Richard Harrison, 3 Blinks for Yes by Barbara Lewis, Pennies in Heaven by Amy Miller, Knock, Knock by Katherine A. Salts-Roche, I Always Look for Poochie by Sandra Winicur

Entries of Note

And Comments from Susan

Once again, thanks to every writer who cared and dared to enter this contest. Your essays surprised, provoked, amused and moved us. They affected the way we look at the world. They changed us.

Remember, too, that contest entries are weighed on a peculiar set of scales that tries to balance tone, subject matter and craft. It's an inexact science, to put it mildly, so don't be discouraged if you didn't win this time (or again).

All contest participants will get a chance to judge the results for themselves when they receive a contest issue this summer. Additional copies can be purchased for $5 by sending to:

Tiny Lights Publications

P.O. Box 928

Petaluma, CA 94953

As always, keep writing. Please try your skill and luck with us again.

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